Early Access Program

Under the early access program, trusted journalists can get pre-publication access to some of our press releases. This gives you extra time to write articles or record podcasts and videos about major announcements and allows you to be one of the first to report on them.

Novecore generally avoids embargos and attempts to publish most press releases immediately. The early access program is only useful for releases about major announcements and ones that can't be published immediately for other reasons, such as legal or strategic requirements.

To be eligible, you must work for a music-related publication. The publication must have been regularly publishing news content for at least three months, and be a personal blog with at least 15,000 followers or a registered company. Podcasts and YouTube channels may also be eligible.

Approval is ultimately at the discretion of Novecore and we may occasionally grant access to otherwise ineligible writers or refuse access to eligible ones.

You must not disclose information from a pre-publication release outside of your organization until the publication date and time listed in the release; Leaking is grounds for immediate removal from the program. If you repost our press releases instead of writing your own articles, you must also follow our license terms.

We may occasionally change the publication time of a release, but will avoid doing so later than two hours earlier. If we modify the publication time, we will notify all early access program participants via email.

Please fill out the form below to apply.

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